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Profile of composers

Motoi Yokoya

Born in Hokkaido. Graduated with a degree in Composition from Kunitachi College of Music. Studied Composition under Hideo Mizogami. Aimed at creating a new relationship between sound and space as a member of "Kukan Kosakushitsu," a group of musicians organized in his school days.
Now, engaged in a variety of activities including compositions for broadcast as well as compositions and arrangements for popular music. Also as a pianist, is giving the series of concerts "Sound Sculpture," impromptu performances combined with art, mainly at galleries.

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Shirotomo Aizawa

Born in Tokyo. Graduated with a degree in Composition from the Tokyo National University of Fine Arts and Music and from the Music Department of the graduate school. Started to learn Koto music and Japanese ceremonial court music in childhood.
Involved in composing not only Western but Japanese music, while attaching importance to composition for Japanese musical instruments. Studied Composition under Teruyuki Noda, Akira Miyoshi, Koichi Uzaki and Makoto Shinohara; Harmony under Yuzuru Shimaoka; piano under Katsumi Ueda, Shuji Maruyama and Hisako Okano.
Awarded the Ataka prize. Received Honorable Mention in the National Theater Composition Contest.

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Jun Kobayashi

Born in Osaka. Originally liked classical music, rock and jazz.
Began playing Shakuhachi, and started to compose for Japanese traditional musical instruments.

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Midori Okubo

Born In Osaka. Graduated with a degree in Composition from the Tokyo National University of Fine Arts and Music. Started playing the piano at the age of two and composing at the age of five. Studied Composition under Teruyuki Noda and Manabu Kawai.
Now, involved in instruction to proteges in various places as a staff member of the Yamaha Music Foundation.

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