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Histry of "The Original Soundscape of Water"

1996/09/28 : 1996 Nagatoro Clear Stream Concert
The first concert was held at riverside of Nagatoro (beautyful place of Arakawa river). In the meantime of the concert we had a talk session about water and enviornment with Sayuri Megumi(Professor of Edogawa-Univ. and Manager of Japan National Trust Association.) About 250 participants really enjoyed the sound of stream and Japanese musical instruments.
1997/02/01 : "Nature is a teacher" Meeting of all over Japan citizens
We had some discussion about the connection between water and Japanese traditional musical instruments and their play. After that live performance was held. In this meeting we focused on the connection of nature and culture.
1997/03/27 : Arakawa Night Crusing
This concert on the river boat was held by Arakawa Sakura Club. In 1996 the Arakawa and Potomac River through Washington agreed to be sister rivers. To this concert the project staff menbers of Potomac River(ICPRB) were invited.
1997/03/28 : Environmental Study Program and mini concert held by Tokyo metropolitan area
1997/09/15 : 1997 Nosaka-temple bonfire concert
1997/10/04 : 1997 Tokyo Waterfront Concert
We featured the connection of Arakawa River, from the upper reaches to the lower reaches. Following the concert at Nagatoro, the upper reaches of Arakawa River, we held environmental program and concert at Toyosu wharf of Tokyo Bay. Toyosu wharf locates at the mouth of Arakawa River. For the performers of the concert Ms Junko Kosino, a famous fashion designer, design the costume dyed indigo blue of Awa-Tokushima. Unfortunately, owing to the rain, we held the concert inside of the building, however, almost 500 people including children enjoyed the illusory concert.
1998/08/08 : 1998 Arakawa Headstream concert
Follwing 1997 Tokyo Waterfront Concert, we went up to the headstream of Arakawa River. Mitsumine Shrine is located at the headstream of Arakawa River and a guardian deity of the headstream of Arakawa River. We held the concert theming water and forests of in the precincts of Mitsumine Shrine. A white mist lay the big trees, Japanese ceder and cypress. And the concert was very illusory and beautiful. 500 participants felt the sound of headstream of Arakawa River through the original music of water.
1998/08/28 : 1998 Okayama Waternet concert
1998/10/24 : Ooita National Culture Festival, Usuki-shi "Moonlight Festival"
1999/04/21 : Panama Canal Photo ExibitionCOpening Concert
Panama Embassy held Panama Canal Photo Exibition at Konika Plaza in Shinjuku Tokyo. We compose on Panama Canal and at the Opening Party we present a short programmed concert for celebrating the return of Panama Canal from USA in Dec. 31 1999.
1999/08/12-08/13 : Nara Oto-to-hikari-no-kairo
Nara is an old capital in Japan. Nara Park is a historical park of Nara-age and remains the scape of old capital. We held the concert theming water of the Capital Nara at the stage on the pond of Sagi. Lots of candles lined on the shore of the pond were illuminated and the stage was illusory lighted up. 20,000 people gathered to the concert.
1999/11/10 : Sweden Embassy Concert, "Sounds of the forest, Echoes of Water"
Sweden is called as a capital of water and forests. In club room of the embassy of Sweden in Tokyo, we held a concert featuring water and forests of Sweden as well as Japan. We made a new tune on forests of Sweden including Japanese traditional dance performance.
2000/02/27 : Sound Experience for environmental program at Tama River
We held an environmental program for children through the sound and Japanese traditional musical instruments. Mr. Retsuzan Tanabe, shakuhachi(Japanese bamboo flute) player, made a lecture and gave children a chance to experience Shakuhachi. After that, participants made musical instruments by the disposed materials.
2000/03/21 : Arakawa Sakura Concert 2000
2000/07/01 : "Sound of water and Echoes of forests" at Isamu Noguchi Sculpture Garden "Tengoku(Heaven)" -- Sogetsu Plaza --
Isamu Noguchi Sculpture Gaden "Tengoku" in Aoyama Tokyo is very impressive place with huge space of stone and spring streaming through the stone. We featured "Sound of water and Echoes of forests" and hold concerts to experience this theme by five senses; the sense of hearing, sight, smell, taste and touch.
2000/07/17 : Sound Experience for environmental program at Edagawa Primary School
2000/08/05 : Okayama Korakuen 300-year-memorial Concert
Korakuen in Okayama is one of the three biggest garden in Japan. As 300-year-memorial concert, we featured Asahi River and this garden utilizing water of Asahi River. We created a new tune for the memory of this 300 years event.
2000/10/14 : Tokyo Waterfront concert 2000
2001/07/20 : Mizumoto WAKATE Festival at Mizumoto Park
2001/09/01 : Jion-temple Outdoor Concert in Sagae-shi Yamagata prefecture
2001/09/03-09/15 : South America Tour 2001
We made this tour featuring "Water" networking beyond the border. We held 7 concerts in 4 countries ( Brasil, Paraguay, Ulguay and Algentina ) , started from Iguazu fall, followed the stream of Parana River and Ra Plata River. We made a demonstration with the Iguazu fall in the background. Also, we had a chance to make a presentation and mini concert at "Fourth Inter-American Dialogue On Water Management" in Foz de Iguazu. In this concert we gave a first play of new tune on Iguazu fall, which aroused sympathy from many in the audience.
2001/09/27 : Nagi Modern Museum of Art Concert
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